Reduce Energy Usage

Here at Future Power Generation, we are committed to reducing out client’s energy usage and cost.

Reduce Your
Carbon Footprint

Future Power Generation can review your business, analysing your water, electricity and gas usage, your current lighting technologies and provide solutions to reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Innovative Solutions

We take a fresh approach to energy and can design and install the best solutions on the market.

Innovative Solutions

We offer more than just the traditional utility services. Our innovative solutions will reduce your energy consumption and save you money.

Energy Procurement

Our energy procurement services can protect your company from rising business energy costs and fluctuating energy prices.

Generating Local Power

As the grid continues to struggle with the constant demand of today’s world, generating power locally carries many advantages, including the ability to transfer energy to neighbouring properties.

Best Deals

We evaluate all quotes and legal contract terms in detail to ensure we recommend the best deal for your business, not just the best price.

Saving You Money

We can save you money by analysing where you are using the most energy and providing solutions to reduce your energy consumption.


Our expertise in the power generation market and our relationship with credible suppliers guarantees we can offer you the best solutions for your business at the best price.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

What’s the difference between commercial and domestic energy contracts?

Commercial energy contracts are far more tailored to the nature of the business which makes them unlike domestic contracts. Each company can have vastly different energy needs and demands which is why business energy contracts are usually more bespoke. Energy suppliers may even base their gas and electricity pricing on the individual business as opposed to offering generic pricing.

Unlike the domestic market, commercial gas and electricity supplies are not normally combined into one product allowing businesses to source different energy suppliers. Future Power Generation has access to a multitude of primary energy procurement providers and can help businesses find the right tailored solution for their current and future needs.
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What changed in the water market?

Since April 2017, all business customers irrespective of size, sector or usage have been able to choose their water services provider. The water itself is still be provided by the same source and the waste water services provided by the same wholesaler.

The new deregulated water market has meant that much like the gas and electricity markets, business customers can switch to an approved supplier for billing, meter reading and customer service. It has provided more competition and innovation in the market as suppliers aspire to provide customers with the best service propositions, bill processing and more added value.

What is CHP?

Combined heat and power is a highly efficient process that captures and utilises the heat that is a by-product of the electricity generation process. By producing the heat and power together, CHP reduces carbon emissions by up to 30% in contrast to the separate means of traditional generation of a boiler and power station.
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