Future Power Generation


Our Mission

We are committed to reducing the energy usage and energy cost of our clients throughout the UK. We have partnered with some of the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of energy-saving technology. As a result, we can provide bespoke and turnkey solutions to our clients. We constantly seek out new and innovative ways to help futureproof businesses, ensuring we provide energy-efficient solutions to meet their needs.


Our Approach

We take a fresh approach to energy. We can design and install the best solutions on the market. Our partnership and funding with leading energy providers that specialise in the renewable energy sector mean we can offer our clients more flexible solutions including Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).


Why Choose Us

At Future Power Generation (FPG), we take a holistic view of our client’s business, their long-term strategies and market intelligence to understand what their future energy needs will be. Then, by combining the knowledge and experience of our strategic partners, we provide the best solution that will future-proof their business by ensuring that they are energy efficient.

What We Can Do For You

We are constantly introducing innovative technology that will help your business reduce its demand for carbon-related energy and save you money in the long-term.

Commercial or domestic energy solutions that can save you money. From solar energy, to water management and LED lighting, we have an energy solution for you.

Your Future, Our Vision!

Future-proof your business with Future Power Generation!

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From LED to Hybrid Engineering Solutions, we work with the leading energy providers to ensure that we can offer you the latest solutions to meet your business’ needs.

We can provide innovative technology for all types of businesses, ranging from the industrial sector, commercial, retail and various non-profit organisations nationwide. Our designs will not only benefit your business by ensuring that you are energy efficient, but will also deliver you the very best in aesthetics so your workplace can look good and feel good while reducing your carbon footprint.

We know that the future of energy generation is renewable energy. We don’t need to tell you that technology is rapidly evolving and that to keep up with the market, businesses need to adapt. You understand that, but you’re probably asking yourself how do you adapt and move forward when the speed of evolving technology combined with the lack of legislation makes product selection challenging and confusing?

Future Power Generation can help. We will analyse your complete energy usage and assess where we can save you money. Then, by working with our partners, who are not only specialists in their field with an extensive product range and multiple geographical sites, we will design and install the best solutions for your business, that will future-proof your business and ensure energy efficiency.

The grid’s struggle with the constant demand of today’s world means energy prices are ever-increasing, which can prevent your business from growing. We will analyse how your business uses energy, from analysing your water usage to your lighting usage.

Once we understand what your total energy consumption is, our consultants will make recommendations to save you money and help you implement sustainable solutions to reduce your energy consumption and ensure you are energy efficient, helping to carry your business forward into the future.