Hillside Primary School

Hillside Primary School , Prenton (Wirral), UK


Even school management was aware of the fact that the overall performance of the existing light was poor limited financial ressources and continous maintenance made them stay away from investing into new light.

A new headteacher with some experience in changing light in other schools and the participation in the Green Rover Project, a green initiative of the local football club Tranmere Rovers, triggered a lighting survey that showed the opportunity for significant cost savings and light improvement. The availibility of partial funding supported the decision to change in spring 2018.


Within 3 days during Easter break the old light had been removed and the new were fitted in. Modern design LED panels, linear lights and bulk heads contribute to learning friendly environment. The light level matches with recommendations of recent scientific studies and the homogenious light results in much better lighting.

Old Lighting: 84 2*4ft Raster Luminaires (144W + ballast)
122 4ft/5ft/6ft Flourescent Tubes
13 Downlights with ESL bulbs.
New lighting: 121 2*2ft LED Panels
73 4ft LED Linear Lights
13 LED Bulkheads
14 LED Downlight/Bulkheads
Efficiency: 57% Energy Savings
Return on Investment: 5,32 Years
Annual CO²e Reduction: 698t

“The one thing that comes to my mind is how quick and smoothly the job has been done and that all our expectations were exceeded.

And also the products were much better than anticipated.” 

Andrea Unsworth, BM