Holly Tree Nursery School

Holly Tree Nursery School, Orrell (Wigan), UK


Limited ressources -> thorough planning. Lighting was already on the top of their list to reduce operating cost. They new that the old light wasn’t up to standard and not very sufficient.

They had the feeling that the previous light level had been sufficient so that light quality wasn’t an issue and they were a bit scared that chnaging the light would have a disturbing impact on their daily business.


Mainly old raster luminaires equiped with flourescent tubes were replaced by LED panels. Due to the high efficiency the new 2*2ft panels provide more light even though less lamps had been installed. „The new light is a lot brighter and looks more attractive“ according to Lorraine, owner and business manager.

Old Lighting: 42 f2*2ft and 2*4ft Raster Luminaires
8 GU10 Halogen Spots
New lighting: 32 2*2ft LED Panels
75 4ft/5ft LED Linear Lights
8 GU10 LED Spots
Efficiency: 71% Energy Savings
Return on Investment: 4,15 Years
Annual CO²e Reduction: 2,192t

“Everything ran nice and smoothly. We didn’t have a lot of dealing. If we would have known that it would be that easy we would have done it earlier.“

Lorraine Conroy, General Manager