Sunny Brow Nursery School

Sunny Brow Nursery School, Middelton, UK


Administrations intention of beautiful located historic school is modernizing and energetical upgrading the building in multiple steps adjusting to limited budget. Lighting had been among several other topics but not ranked first priority because it was assumed that the migration into new LED lighting would be very expensive and cause a massive job interference.

Also the school management had an indefinete feeling that the light was not only ugly but also a little dull it was the light audit that clearly prooved the existing lighting did not match actual lighting guidelines.


Core of the new lighting system are 49 suspended linear lights installed in all classrooms and staff rooms that match with the ambiance of the beautifully refurbished building. Homogenous glare free light distribution with 500+ lux provide clear and bright light for a suitable work and play environment. In all store rooms and in the basement flourescent tubes were changed with energy efficient LED tubes.

Old Lighting: 57 Flourescent Tubes (5“, 6″, 8″)
7 Downlights
New lighting: 49 LED Linear Lights
14 LED Tubes
7 LED Downlights
Efficiency: 49% Energy Savings
Return on Investment: 7,8 Years
Annual CO²e Reduction: 2,261t

“LED Distribution has done a good work. They convinced us that the installation of efficent new LED lighting has minor impact on daily business and so they worked flexibly around our needs.

We love the bright and clear light. It really makes a huge difference and it saves us money,  too.”  Janet Cook, Headteacher