Battery Storage (DRM)

What is it?

Battery storage allows you save electricity and keep it until you’re ready to use it. Electrical energy is essential to modern life. It is our main resource for industry and infrastructure, and the catalyst for growth and development.

The increase in electricity demand, fuelled by the electrification of transport and heating along with increased living standards globally, brings with it a changing electricity network.

Create more resilient reliable networks

Future Power Generation believe it’s time to enhance the infrastructure and help create the electricity network of the future.

By using DRM, we have the technical capabilities to create more resilient and reliable networks for your business.  Networks that can enable the intelligent interaction of micro grids, distributed storage and distributed generation.

Demand Response Module

A DRM or Demand Response Module; is a fully integrated, high performance energy storage solution for medium and high voltage grid connection. DRM allows us to offer you  a diverse range of innovative energy storage solutions to maximise on-site clean, reliable power and energy savings for your company.

The advanced optimisation software enables super-fast response times to meet the demand and supply. This helps maintain grid stability and ensures reliable, high quality energy supply response through a range of applications for your business.

Hybrid Systems For Your Home

  • Complete monitoring of all energy modes: import, export, generation and consumption
  • Web portal or APP access anywhere and anytime
  • Real time monitoring and data with integrated smart meter
  • Monitor PV array parameters
  • Monitor battery information, SOC, Warranted throughput
  • Remote control access for charging/discharging
  • remotely charge battery parameters