What is it?

Energy procurement is the sourcing and identification of the energy contracts that meet your business needs.

We understand energy costs

Future Power Generation Limited energy procurement services can help protect your company from rising business energy costs and fluctuating energy prices.

Our energy brokering team takes the time to fully understand your needs, then compares business gas and electricity prices and quotes from a range of business energy suppliers. We evaluate all quotes and legal contact terms in detail to ensure we recommend the best deal for your business, not just the best price.

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Our energy procurement service offers an easy and hassle-free way to compare business energy prices from a range of gas and electricity suppliers so that we can give you the best deal at the best price.

If your business needs a new gas or electricity contract or your current contract is coming up for renewal, call us today for an informal chat about how we can help with free, no obligation procurement advice.


What’s the difference between commercial and domestic energy contracts?

Commercial energy contracts are far more tailored to the nature of the business which makes them unlike domestic contracts. Each company can have vastly different energy needs and demands which is why business energy contracts are usually more bespoke. Energy suppliers may even base their gas and electricity pricing on the individual business as opposed to offering generic pricing.

Unlike the domestic market, commercial gas and electricity supplies are not normally combined into one product allowing businesses to source different energy suppliers. Future Power Generation has access to a multitude of primary energy procurement providers and can help businesses find the right tailored solution for their current and future needs.

Why switch to a new energy provider?

Many businesses are paying too much for their gas and electricity meaning that there is a good chance they could save just by switching to a better energy deal. Our procurement consultants will ensure that your business gets the best deal available for your current and future requirements.

Why use Future Power Generation for your energy procurement?

As well as our independent and impartial advice, Future Power Generation have strong relationships with most of the UK top energy suppliers which means we can source, negotiate and compare energy pricing for your business to ensure contract terms are best-suited to your requirements.

Of course, procuring you the best market rates is only the tip of iceberg, we will work with you to identify where energy savings can be made by conducting an audit of your business. By introducing additional smart technologies, we can also help your business realise many more sustainable savings and reduce your carbon usage.

How do I to select the right energy tariff?

At Future Power Generation, we have a dedicated and knowledgeable team of procurement consultants who will work with you to identify your usage and help you decide if a fixed or variable contract is right for your business needs.

How do I tell my current supplier?

The process of switching is very simple. Firstly, we will get your consent to contact your current supplier and get all your energy usage data. We will then use this information to source the most suitable suppliers and their rates that best meet your needs.

Once you decide to move providers, your new energy supplier will contact your old one and agree a switch over date which they will inform you about. If you are switching both gas and electricity suppliers, the switch over dates may be different for each. You will continue to receive your energy during this switch over process.