Electric Vehicle Charging (EV)

What is EV?

Electric Vehicle Charging is the process of charging electric vehicles through charging stations. With more electric vehicles coming to the market at an alarming rate, it is inherently important that the number of existing charging facilities for electric vehicles rises in tandem.

We also ensure these charging facilities are deployed at the most effective locations.

And we can get you ready for the future

In the future, EV charge points will be deployed throughout the UK and Ireland. We will work with our partners to ensure that these charge points are in the right place by identifying sites that have the potential to become permanent fixtures on the future EV map of the UK and Ireland.

We will work with land and property owners, planning authorities, local communities and power infrastructure companies to evaluate the viability of the charging location today and how suitable the site is to meet the EV charging requirements of the future. By doing this we ensure that we can provide you with clean, cost-effective and sustainable power that will carry you into the future.

If not we'll get you there

There is a huge push to deploy EV charge points throughout the UK and Ireland. The big question is whether these charge points are in the right place and will provide the charging network we need for the future?

You only have to look around your home to realise how many redundant sockets there are; and how many appliances are fighting over access to the sockets that are actually in a useful place.

What Makes us Different?

At FPG, we work with our clients to determine what they could do today to roll out EV charge points and what needs to be done to meet their ambitions for tomorrow. our approach is more holistic. With EV our approach is holistic, it’s about understanding the potential of the charging location and how can this be maximised.

We work with clients as a trusted partner

In simple terms our objective is to work with clients as a trusted partner that helps them evaluate what they can do and how they can make it happen. If our proposals make sense and we can put together a technically and financially viable business case, we then work with you to implement the solution.

FPG can either operate as consultant to or lead on the design, development and implementation of a project. FPG work with you to understand project revenue streams and determine the most appropriate ownership and funding model.

OZEV Grant Funding

FPG are accredited installers for Rolec EV charging units and are OZEV (Office for Zero Emission vehicles) approved for domestic and workplace EV installations.

This means our clients can apply for grant funding (£350 per socket). For example, if you were to install a single socket unit you could claim £350, but if this was a dual-socket unit you could claim £700.

To qualify, your business must have off-street parking. Your business does not need to own an electric vehicle however you do need to declare either a current need for EV charging infrastructure or an intention to encourage uptake amongst your staff and/or fleet.

The grant is available for new charge points only.

The process for grant application is as follows: The WCS (workplace charging scheme) is a voucher-based system and FPG can take care of most of the process on your behalf. There are just a few simple steps involved when you choose FPG for your charging needs:

  1. Customer completes the online application on the GOV website (external link)
  2. Voucher is generated by OZEV (Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles) and sent to the customer to share with FPG
  3. Customer places order with FPG; with OZEV grant factored into the quote
  4. FPG completes installation with our OZEV-approved installers
  5. FPG submits the claim on the customer’s behalf to OZEV
  6. FPG receives the grant

It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that they are compliant with the eligibility requirements in relation to the OZEV grant. FPG will support the Client where possible but it is the Client’s responsibility to submit the application.